So I faced an interesting conundrum on the weekend….

To help me stay on track with my actions towards achieving my goals this year I have been doing a weekend cook up that includes a really yummy bone broth, which I usually have then as my first drink of the day instead of coffee….

My conundrum occurred when the week before I learnt that I hadn’t been cooking it for long enough to get the full benefits… it sent me into a bit of a spin for a couple of reasons…

#1 One how often do we find out after we’ve done something for ages that there is a better or more effective way of doing it? And then feel frustrated, even annoyed or angry that we wasted time, energy or money. Well I wasn’t angry, but frustrated that I should have known better… YES, absolutely!

#2 I nearly didn’t make it at all this weekend, because of the time I needed. And I wanted it to be perfect…crazy right, would I be better off cooking it and maybe being an hour short of what would be ideal, or not cooking it at all?

As I was drinking my fresh bone broth this morning watching the sun come up, I was really glad I had made it, even if it wasn’t the perfect cooking time… It was sure better than a coffee at that time of the morning, It still tasted great and has great qualities and nutrients.

Will it be better again in the future, for sure, because I find the more often we do things the easier it gets over time. But how many of us never actually get started because we are waiting for perfection? And we are still waiting years done the track and the shoulda, coulda and woulda’s are still circling in our brain…. Or is that just me?

I know that there are way tougher decisions and conundrums in life than whether or not you have the right bone broth…. I totally get that, I’ve not gone bonkers (well not yet anyway).. but if you keep putting off the small things waiting for perfection, Its amazing how it can snowball into putting off the bigger things and more important things in life….

So this week it’s all about taking the next right steps, they might not be perfect, but I’m going to give it a red hot go! And I hope you do too…. Mxo