I had a really interesting conversation with someone this morning about balance, life and I guess having it all… It was a conversation that really resonated with me, because with my professional hat on, I had all the sensible answers, You know that we should have balance and can have balance, it doesn’t have to be all or nothing, waiting for the perfect moment to make change is probably not going to happen, you don’t have to stop enjoying life to make good changes……. It seems so simple….

How often do we say “Oh I know that..” but then do nothing about it…Or Make excuses so we can continue with habits that are moving us further away from our goals rather than closer to them???

God love my mum, had lost my second birthday card last week but she was determined to find it for me, I didn’t understand why I had two cards, or why she was so keen to find it for me, but I received it in the mail this morning and it all made sense, particularly after the year I had last year… the front is in the picture.. and on the inside it said “This could be the year they all come true”.

The part that I think is missing though, is taking action, taking steps towards your dreams to make them a reality, it’s not going to just happen by dreaming about it.. The old saying that luck is when preparation and opportunity meet…..

This year for me is all about moving towards my goals whilst maintaining a healthy lifestyle in all the aspects that are important to me … My health (which includes my weight and fitness), My Relationship with my Partner, My Work, My finances… all the areas that create joy in my life need my attention and actions, because I sure as hell don’t want to wake up next year on my 40th birthday in the same spot. Wishing that I had stuck to my plan, frustrated with myself that I let my will power falter in moments they should have been strong… and making sure I’m taking the right step or action at the right time….. It started last week with doing a 4 day cleanse… no coffee, no processed sugar and no animal proteins… the headache I had from no caffeine was nuts… but the only thing crazier would have been to ignore all the signs that I needed to make a change…we always have a choice, our regular choices create habits, and from there we get our results…Look forward to hearing about your changes… Mxo