I was at a conference a couple of weeks ago, which was awesome for lots of different reasons….. But Scary too

One I could get my inner geek on listening and learning all about the latest research about Chiropractic ( I now totally embrace my geeky side), I also had the opportunity to present (I love speaking to an audience) and I got to see lots of my friends who I don’t get to see often enough because of time and distance and busy lives … So it was an awesome weekend….BUT…

The thing that scared the shit out of me was the presentation all about sympathetic dominance…. because OMGoodness it might as well have had a picture of me currently as a prime example….

Now before I get into it…I want you to imagine what a Chiropractic Conference looks like…. And let me add a wellness and proactive health care conference looks like… Picture oh around 500 healthy and fit, vibrating individuals who look after themselves and their health pretty bloody well, and their bodies tend to reflect their lifestyle…generally wellness Chiropractors look well HEALTHY, Trim Taught and Terrific!

Now enter me, did I feel good in what I was wearing, absolutely, I got some help with that last year (a story for another time) so I was comfy presenting to the students and my colleagues….I’d like to think I vibrate with a good energy, but do I look slim and trim at the moment… well no… is my body functioning at 100%… well no… If you’ve had a chance to read an earlier blog.. I mentioned my adrenal glands got smashed last year with ongoing stress and it definitely took its toll on my health which I’m in the process of turning around at the moment..

During the lecture I was so excited to hear the information because I was picturing all of my current clients and my future clients that I know absolutely are stuck in this state… a state where there sympathetic nervous system is effectively stuck in overdrive, it’s in charge of making sure that we are protected and safe. In other words if we were getting chased around by a big bloody animal (or lets call it stress) our body has certain responses to help us fight or get the you know what out of there (I promised I wouldn’t drop an F bomb) … when we’re stuck in this state, we tend to put on weight (and its tough to get rid of it at the same time) our head tends to get foggy, sounds and noises that can seem really loud and really irritating, our digestion can be struggling and fatigue is a daily thing and forward head posture and round shoulders are a tell tale sign! As I sat there I could feel everyone looking at me (now I know they weren’t, but it was how it felt) As I sat there thinking about the people that I help on a daily basis, it was like a swift upper cut to myself… that it was me as well that was being described!

I had two thoughts… well more than that, but let’s go with these two.. OMG that’s ME and second thank god I’ve already decided and actioning change in my life to turn it around. See that’s the cool thing with our bodies… generally if we treat them right most of the time, and create the right environment for great function they have an awesome ability to heal and repair…

So what are some of things I’ve down so far… changed my coffee habit from 6-10shots per day starting first thing in the morning (now some of you may have just shrieked in disgust, it’s not hard to do when you drink long blacks, usually it’s a double shot, so 6 shots is 3 cups a day) to 1 -2 shots a day as a short black after 11am to give my adrenals a chance, I’ve reduced my alcohol from more alcohol days a week that free days, to at least 5 alcohol FREE days a week…and try and keep it to a couple of glasses vs multiple… I’m getting too old for hang overs and feeling dusty the next day! And my food well that’s shifted too.. but I’ll share more about that another day.

So change is happening, my energy is starting to improve, I can notice some change in my shape, and my thinking is getting clearer…onwards and upwards from here….Mxo