So I would often joke that the only way the I would exercise these days is if it didn’t involve sweating, It had turned into a bit of the running joke at my place. What made it even funnier (in that ironic sort of way) is that my partner loves to exercise. Trains hard and the whole point is to work up a sweat!

For such a long time I fooled myself that it was us balancing each other out, you know yin and yang, equilibrium… looking back at that headspace it’s actually a bit sad. Because really what I was doing was poking fun at myself, laughing at myself before others would. People that are hiding insecurities/weaknesses often do that, or at least I know I do… I’ll get to the punch line first before anyone else can have a go.

Now the other funny thing (again in that ironic way) is I actually used to love to train and play loads of sport. Somewhere along the line I lost the fun in it… And I’m so glad that I re-embraced again last week. And whilst my body is giving my a bit of stick at the moment, because I’m sore in places I haven’t been in a long time, I feel good about me. Feel good that I have made a commitment I have every intention to complete and put 100% into. Because I have rediscovered and been re-inspired about my “WHY” I’m doing it in the first place.

No longer can I expect to get my desired results by not changing up my game. Just hoping I can cruise to my goals isn’t going to cut it. How many of us do that in life, we want a certain outcome, but our actions don’t match the dream.

If you’re looking for inspiration be sure to surround yourself with the right people, the right mentors and loads of love and support from your loved ones…..here’s to all of our successes… Mxo