Ever feel like your a bit stuck on the treadmill of life… You know, work, eat, sleep, housework, race around and repeat…. Ever feel like life is passing by at a rate of knots and you aren’t savouring it???

Life and routines can be a bit sneaky sometimes, it can get quite monotonous quickly and all of a sudden you look at the calendar and 3 months have passed and it’s been ages since you’ve done something you really love…..I sure know I’ve done that in the past.

It sometimes gets hidden in busy times… for me, we just moved our home to a new house about 6 weeks ago now.. and of course there is all of the jobs that are associated..some of them fun at the time, and then others that you realise will take more time than perhaps you anticipated…. Easy enough then on any time that was usually quality time with my partner and our family to turn into a never ending list of jobs to do…..or a sense of guilt if you leave the long list for a day to have some FUN!

This last weekend it was time for FUN,  a road trip down the coast. Discovering some new places that were awesome and enjoying each others company whilst changing up our surrounds and going on an adventure. And I loved it!

It made me take the time to be grateful for the love I have around me, grateful for the awesome country we live in, grateful that we are able to take off a couple of hours down the road and discover new places to hang out and enjoy.

I’m so glad we put the to do list aside for the day, because it felt like a lil holiday, the jobs will all still get done, but what a day we would have missed if we hadn’t made the effort to take time out of our usual routine to spend that time together. I can picture scenes from one of my favourite movies “The Dead Poets Society” and the famous line from it… ( I hope you can fill in the line, let me know if you need help) and we definitely did that on the weekend.

Changing up my usual routine doesn’t always need to be as big as a full day road trip it might be an hour out of the norm to recharge or on the other end of the spectrum it might be a few weeks away on holidays (which is in the planning stage) .. but one thing for sure I was reminded of was the importance of taking time out, so I don’t wake up a few months down the track wondering how much of LIFE I missed.….. Mxo