This morning for the first time in a long time I was up at 5:20am to exercise… I’m going to say that again (I’m still in a lil shock myself) I was up at 5:20am to get ready to exercise…

Now some of you reading this will be thinking one of a few things

  1. so what I do that all the time, whats the big deal
  2. its official you have gone nuts for getting up that early
  3. good for you, you go!

So why is it a big deal to me… I have been making excuses all year about my shoulda, coulda and wouldas about shifting and releasing my unwanted extra weight and getting my S#@T together so I’m at me full potential by the time I hit 40 (which is next Feb), I’ve started and stopped multiple times always with “good reasons” aka excuses/lack of discipline….

Earlier this week I was inspired by a friend who had committed to shifting her comfort zone and starting an 8 week challenge with a local fitness studio, and within 24 hours I was doing my first class and also signed up.

I was so nervous before the first class I thought I was going to throw up, I haven’t trained in a group for over 6 years, and I had let the fear of embarrassing myself in public paralyse me from giving it a go…. this week I let that fear go, and took a deep breath and jumped in, seriously what was the worst that could have happened??? I make a goose of myself? it wouldn’t be the first time in my life that that has happened, so what the heck I gave it a red hot go!

And…. I loved it! It was fun, I remembered how much I like that style of training, how it ignited my competitive spirit and having others around me spurred me on to keep going…and it made me feel good

How often in life do we let our fears paralyse us? that we don’t give ourselves a chance to shine and be at our best because of how other might perceive us, the stories that we can create that hold us back before we have even tried??? 

Sometimes it takes inspiration from others to give us the, how shall I put it? Kick in the butt that we need to get going… and once we get going the rest is history.

So a big thank you and much gratitude for the kick in the butt (You may ever know how much I needed it in that moment)…

I am truly blessed and very grateful that I have people around me who inspire and support me growing and being my best… I hope you do to….Mxo